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Jennifer Kloetzel outside with students

Photo by Peter Jay 

UCSB Faculty Page

I am a passionate artist and dedicated to unlocking the potential in all my students while encouraging them to always be curious while pursuing excellence. 
I am equally at home teaching privately, in master classes, coaching chamber music, and mentoring students of any age and ability. I have given classes in topics relating to music careers, recording, commissioning, entrepreneurialism, curation of concert programs and music history, as well as performance.

My teaching philosophy is based on the idea that we all learn by doing. Giving students many opportunities to perform and try new things in a supportive environment is key to becoming a strong and confident player. Knowing that I only spend one or two hours a week with each student individually, it is imperative for me to give them the tools to unlock their own potential and be able to work independently in a thoughtful way. I encourage them to be more curious, meticulous, fearless, and thoughtful in our work together each week. Through my own deep study of the Alexander Technique, I show the students how to become more aware of how they use their bodies when they play, especially in times of stress.

I am available for private lessons, master classes, chamber music coaching and mentoring on a variety of subjects. Please use my contact page to connect with me. 
You can also find me at The Cello Guild and on CelloBello or teaching in the summer at Bethany Beach Cellos (DE) and Bach at the Rock (TN).