“World Summer Cello E-Masterclass” with Jennifer Kloetzel–Napolinova Association (Naples, Italy)


The “Napolinova” Association was founded in 1995. Since then it has organized concerts and masterclasses in the most prestigious halls of Naples with artists known all over the world.

The goal of the association, at this difficult time, is to give young artists all over the world an opportunity to learn through coaching with great artists organized by the “World Summer E-Masterclasses”

The professor and the student will be in contact through the Skype or Zoom app, available for phone, tablet and computer, according to the professor’s preferences. These apps allow users to make high quality video calls and are used all around the world for teaching online. Each participants will be receiving three individual lessons.

For more information: http://www.associazionenapolinova.it/Nnova/Napolinova/Corsi%20e%20Master/E-Master%20estate%202020/Cello/E_Master_Cello_2020.php#